More options for Cloud Service Provider: CPL24 V2 offers license management for Microsoft SPLA or for the entire software landscape

The latest version of CPL24 Hoster for asset and license management comes with enhanced functionality in license management and even more user-friendliness for service providers

Hofkirchen, October 17, 2016 – CPL24 GmbH is presenting a new release of its complete solution for audit-secure asset and license management in the hosting sector. CPL24 V2 is now available in two versions. With the basic version, service providers are only able to integrate and manage licenses based on Microsoft SPLA. As optional purchase, applications from more than 14,000 non-microsoft software providers can be licensed with the software catalog. This allows cloud service providers to optimally adapt the scope of the suite to their business model and budget. In addition, Cloud Service Providers benefit from an intuitive, clean user interface and optimized workflow.

CPL24 Hoster in Version 2

With CPL24, service providers can automate their software and hardware assets, including virtual components. In the extended version, the suite also covers the current licensing agreements of other manufacturers in addition to licenses for Microsoft SPLA. The suite is constantly updating the licensing models for that purpose. CPL24 therefore allows for accurate reporting for leading software producers and large account resellers (LAR) at the push of a button. For example, current customers of CPL24 now only need one-tenth of the time for monthly Microsoft SPLA reporting. In addition, CPL24 simplifies the billing of licenses by the pay-per-use process, both for software producers and users.

Everything important in one click!

The new CPL24 V2 offers a completely revised, intuitive user interface. In an initial screen, all important information from the inventory are displayed. From there, the user can reach areas such as contract management, master data management, or status information about assets and users with only one click.

Even in daly business, Cloud Service Provider will save even more time with CPL 24 V2. Compiling server data and the transmission of Microsoft SPLA reportings was once again accelerated noticeably. In addition, intelligent workflows take over the assignment of missing customer data to the servers. As before, CPL24 V2 is available as a SaaS solution in the german data centers of CPL24 as well as on-premise version.

Petra Lukaschewski, Director of Sales at CPL24: “The base of Microsoft SPLA is relevant to approximately 80% of Cloud Service Provider and they need to create an appropriate reporting for their LAR. CPL24 V2 makes it much easier for them to fulfill these obligations. For all other service providers, we provide the extended version, which can report for almost every software available on the market. If any questions occur I would like to answer them at the DPK, the German partner conference of Microsoft, from 18th to 19th October, 2016 in Bremen.”

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