SAM tools for hosters certified for the first time

KPMG SAM Tool certification for CPL24

SAM tools for hosters certified for the first time

KPMG awards CPL24 quality seal of approval

The complete solution for compliant asset and licence management is the first application designed specifically for hosters to receive the well-known quality seal “KPMG SPLA SAM Tool”.

Leipzig, 26. September 2017 – Hosters have particularly complex requirements for asset and licence management. CPL24 GmbH provides you with the perfectly tailored tool. KPMG recently subjected it to a detailed test and confirms: using CPL24 data centre operators ensure that their licence reporting meets the requirements of leading software manufacturers. For the certification, KPMG tested whether a tool for software asset management (SAM) has the characteristics and functionalities to ensure compliant licence management using procedures specially agreed for the hosting industry. This includes for hosters in particular reporting to Microsoft SPLA. CPL24 is therefore one of the first solutions that has been awarded the “KPMG SPLA SAM Tool Assessment” quality seal according to the newest standard. This gives service providers and data centre operators comprehensive security when billing and protecting from subsequent demands in the event of an audit.

As part of the tool assessment over several days, the KPMG experts analysed the product, development process and quality assurance in detail. The SAM solution was then tested in a live environment with a final customer. After a thorough evaluation, the independent auditors confirmed that CPL24 provides optimal support for hosters when it comes to the complete and correct licensing of software. “We are proud that we passed the KPMG assessment at the first attempt. We are therefore among the first suppliers to gain the certification. All of the components were developed by us at CPL24 and are available to customers as a complete solution both for SaaS and on-premises operations. This again demonstrates the innovative strength of CPL24,” explains Christoph van Lück, president of CPL24 GmbH.

KPMG Zertifizierung
Waldemar Hermann (right), Assistant Manager at KPMG, congratulates Christoph van Lück (left), President of CPL24 GmbH, on the successful "KPMG SPLA SAM Tool Assessment Certification".

Special requirements in data centres

Hosters provide a large amount of software to their customers. Reliable licence management is essential for managing this in a way that is audit-proof. With CPL24 service providers automatically create inventories for and can check the license status all of their software and hardware assets. In the extended version, the suite covers licences under the Microsoft SPLA as well as licence agreements by other manufacturers. CPL24 therefore enables accurate reporting to software manufacturers and large account resellers (LAR) at the press of a button. CPL24 customers confirm that they now only need ten percent of the time previously required for monthly Microsoft SPLA reporting. In addition, the solution enables licences to be easily billed using the pay-per-use process that is transparent for software manufacturers and users.

At the DPK, Microsoft’s German Partner Conference, from 24 to 25 October 2017 in Leipzig, CPL24 will be present with a stand and a workshop. Hosters who would like information on the solution can arrange an individual appointment in advance by phone on +49 (0) 341 392960 60 or by email to


KPMG certificated

The CPL24 SAM solution is the first software to now be certified by KPMG for SPLA reporting. © KPMG

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