Cloudfest 2018 review

The Cloudfest 2018 has come to an end, the time on the fair passed faster than we all expected. For us it was more than a common business meeting and more than a usual exhibition!

CPL24 and business partner COMPAREX attended at this years Cloudfest as a platinum partner showcasing all advantages of the professional SPLA-/CSP-Reporting Tool, both on stage and at the fair booth. We were overwhelmed by the positive atmosphere, the professional execution and support of Cloudfest staff, the exciting speeches held, the stars attending, and last but not least the large number of industry visitors and partners.

Cloudfest as an event fulfilled all our quality criteria, let’s sum it up…

CPL24 Keynote @ main.FORUM Dome
On the first official fair day CPL24 Managing Director Christoph Harvey held a keynote inside the impressive Europapark Dome.

He started his speech with the background-story of the typical challenges for data center hosters or cloud providers getting their SPLA-reports ready.

Leading up to the core benefits of CPL24 Hoster, he managed to show that the product is not only the solution for inventory and reporting, but also comes in handy cutting costs, simplifying and securing your business.

After proving the standpoint with a large success story, he invited all guests interested in an hands-on workshop to the fair booth. Not a few followed the invite.
See the full set of slides here.

Live Demo with our experts
On the event all visitors had the chance to see CPL24 Hoster live and working on a 84’’ touchscreen managing your IT, resources and reports efficiently.

Our technical booth personnel gave large overviews of the world´s only KPMG certified SPLA SAM Tool and also demonstrated the usage for the individual area of application.

If you also want to see how our software exactly works, you can visit one of our webcasts or watch our showcases.
Our webcasts and events
Basic Workshops on our YouTube-Channel

Visitors & Partners at our fair booth
Cloudfest means to us getting in touch with new clients, meeting our partners and friends, as well as making new friends.

We were astonished by the high number of visitors being curious about our product-advantages, the technical itemisation or just our give-aways and goodies.

If we left over some unresolved questions which are truly important to you, please let us know. Contact us via mail or phone, we respond quickly!
Get in contact.

Sci-Fi Lottery
On every convention day all attendees got the chance to win one of our fantastic prizes. Many of them came back every day.

For the time of the lottery our booth surely was the most popular on the fair, crowding the passageways of the exhibition hall.

Every participant got an exclusive CPL24 promo shirt for free, everyone’s a winner at CPL24! We congratulate all the winners and thank everyone who attended our lottery.

Celebrating Cloudfest
Of course, Cloudfest is not only about business. The title speaks for itself and it spells “…Fest” at the end, so it’s obvious: Cloudfest defines itself about great evening events and a casual atmosphere during the daytime activities.
It is good to break out of the routine once in a while to stay focused. Cloudfest as an event managed to keep up the balance!

We see you all again next year!