CPL24 Image Film – a real world solution for hosters SPLA needs

Online video: This is how practice-based and sustainable license management works best for hosters.

Through the development history of CPL24, our solution is more than close to your SPLA needs: Get familiar with us and our software in our new company video. Also our partners of Microsoft have their say and explain the role of the solution in the current market situation. Convince yourself at our (digital) Cloudfest booth!

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Is your company also one of the service providers that still uses Excel or self-written scripts for SPLA reporting?


This is risky, as these tools are are not even close meeting today’s requirements for SPLA compliance. An error-free and on time SPLA reporting requires a tool like the CPL24 Hoster. Developed by the experience of 25 years in the hosting business, it is a real world solution.


This is confirmed by Antje Engel, Senior Development Manager at Microsoft: “With CPL24 Hoster, service providers reliably determine the status quo of their licenses at any time, allowing them to take a relaxed and casual look to the future and go through the digital transformation. That’s pure sustainability!

With the CPL24 Hoster solution, users benefit in six ways:

  • Agentless inventorisation
  • Automated license recognition and assignment to asset and user
  • Optimal asset management for Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, VMWare, Linux and other vendors
  • Exact billing of licenses according to the pay-per-use procedure – both with software manufacturers and with customers
  • Client capability
  • Time savings up to 90 percent for SPLA reporting

The advantages of the solution are also confirmed by the independent auditor KPMG. As CPL24 Hoster is currently the only solution that has successfully passed the “KPMG SAM Tool Assessment for Microsoft SPLA Program”.


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