Big Update of CPL24 Inventory-Agent

The development area of CPL24 proceeds further and further!

The CPL24 Inventory-Agent now replaces the Script Inventory Agent as central inventory tool. The basic task  – to inventory the virtual and physical devices for license calculation – is now taken over by the new agent, which is available to CPL24 customers. The new naming is for a good reason, cause the tool is extended by numerous optimizations.

Of course, in the new agent open incoming ports aren’t a necessity and it still takes place only outgoing communication, encrypted by https.

The following features and improvements let this update our new Inventory-Agent stand out from the usual fixes:

  • Run the inventory tool from ONE exe-file
  • The configuration can now be setup externally from a central URL.
  • Finished configurations are backwards compatible with the (old) CPL24 ScriptInventory Agent.
  • The self-update mechanism has been improved.
  • For checking and debugging, the logging has been revised so that only one log file is written.
  • You can create your inventory schedule using the new ‘Create Task’ feature: Start the agent with the parameter -CREATETASK and automatically create a preconfigured ‘Scheduled Task’, which controls daily inventory. Of course, you can still use the CPL24 ScriptAgent to make remote inventories.
  • Double inventories – e.g. servers with multiple IP addresses – are now prevented.
  • Extensions for the agent can be implemented via ‘extension-DLLs’ to capture additional data. For this, possibly necessary configurations such as host name, user name and password (on the example of a VMware inventory) can be created / changed via a text UI, these are stored encrypted on the device.


The agent runs on Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 and only requires Microsoft .Net 4.5. The inventory tool is shipped as a single exe file, so dependency on Microsoft PowerShell 3.0 (or higher) is no longer needed. For legacy operating systems, the remaining legacy agent can be used.