CPL24 Hoster

CPL24 Hoster is the world’s first complete solution provides cloud service providers a secure audit asset and license management (e.g. Microsoft SPLA Reporting) and thus a user-based billing in real time.


Our solution covers the current SPLA licensing agreements of the vendor ensures and keeps them up to date. The documentation is done in real time.


The inventory of Microsoft products forms the basis of this solutions. Optionally, you can book the software catalog, which enables you to inventory VMware, IBM, and other software producers of licensed and license-free programs.

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Reduces the effort

for reporting and billing from days to a few hours. You do the SPLA reporting in a tenth of the time you’ve spent so far.

Automates the inventory

of the entire IT infrastructure, consisting of the software and hardware of all clients, including virtual components.

Increases safety

as no inbound traffic is required and so important ports (135, 139 and 445) remain closed.

Detects all relevant licensing parameters

automated for all leading vendors such as Microsoft, VMware, IBM and over 10,000 other software vendors.

Reliably calculates the license metrics

and the license usage of your customers, with exact identification of the license requirements.

Create your SPLA reporting at the push of a button

compliant and audit proof. Ready for transfer to Microsoft, other software vendors or the Licensing Solution Partner.

Maximized Security.


Only Outbound Traffic is required. No Inbound Traffic needed!

It is not necessary to open additional ports as 135, 139 & 445.
Reporting process via Outbound Traffic, based on https.

Let CPL24 Hoster manage your IT

Highly specialized modules cooperate seamlessly in a user interface with a perspicuous structure. CPL24 Hoster covers the current SPLA license agreements of the manufacturers securely, updates license models continuously and permits accurate ad hoc reporting – including complete documentation of the user of every single license and every single asset over time. The optional modules software catalogue, CRM and ERP are activated upon request. The CRM and ERP modules are only available with the on Premise solution.

  • Agent-free inventorisation of the complete infrastructure
  • Licence detection and automatic assignment per device / user
  • Individual licence management for Microsoft, VMware, IBM and other software reseller
  • Detailed asset management for all software and hardware

SPLA-Report Button CPL24 Hoster

You receive an LSP-ready SPLA report at the
press of a button and compliance in the event of an audit.

  • Audit-compliant reporting to the software manufacturers’ requirements
  • Audit integrity & ISO-compliant action
  • Ensuring data security according to GDPR
  • https-encrypted, meeting the data protection requirements for data centres
  • Client capability and customer management with diverse Active Directory integration and web portal

  • Achieve the greatest cost efficiency
  • Dashboard for optimal customer service and continuous optimisation
  • Automatic modification for changes in the SPLA rules (SPUR)
  • Mostly automated processes
  • Ticket system and integrated SLA administration

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providing you our solution as managed service.


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The on premises solution is
implemented directly in your Data Center.


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